Monday, February 08, 2010

Measured stuff from Field Music


IT IS testament to Sunderland's Field Music that what was originally a side project for former Futureheads drummer Peter Brewis and brother David became the day job after two excellent LPs, before spawning The Week That Was, it's very own side-project.
Fear not, fans, as Field Music has failed to fall fallow - and instead the siblings have returned with a new crop of oddball indie on their second self-titled album.
Subtitled Field Music (Measure), so as to avoid confusion with their self-titled debut, the album is a glorious, sprawling collection of the experimental pop furrow the pair plough, based on angular indie rock tempered by a hatred of overdrive and a penchant for unusual orchestration.
Obviously, with 20 tracks here there's a little chaff in amongst the wheatier tracks, but overall 2010 has proven to be a particularly rich harvest.

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