Monday, February 15, 2010

Fogg it

SCANDANAVIAN sensation Mr Fogg, who fashions traditional singer songwriter fare from less-than-traditional building blocks of fuzzy electronics and subdued drum machines, has a new album coming out later this year.
And to celebrate this, the Brit-born artist is offering a free download of the Jakwob Remix of new single Moving Parts, out on April 5.
Click here to grab an mp3.


  1. Lovely tune, even better for being free.

    You heard the new Eels album yet, I didn't know it was out until I brought it today. I'm not sure about it yet, very lo-fi.

  2. I've had a periphery listen.
    I'm a little wary after the last one though, which only had a couple of tracks worth a couple of plays.
    It'll be a grower, Eels albums usually are.


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