Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yawny Owl


NOW I must put this review in context - I really wasn't having a hoot when I came to review Ocean Eyes, the breakthrough Owl City album.
Sitting at my desk, it felt like the left side of my jaw was rotting away, such was the throb coming from the gaping hole in my tooth.
So while on first listen I was tolerating the synthpop, despite the vocal stylings of Adam Young, the track Dental Care was a bridge too far, with it's corny "I know the drill" type wordplay - I felt like throwing my laptop across the room before breaking down in tears, but that's not entirely to do with the the music.
Not to be unfair to Owl City, further listening revealed the album to be a compacted pellet of catchy choruses, jingly keyboards, warm synths and soft drum machine beats, the obvious peak being the worldwide smash Fireflies.
Overall Ocean Eyes is a pretty schmaltzy, corny, unchallenging, inoffensive collection - should be eyeing up top spot in album charts across the world then.

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